Monday, October 4, 2010

Attack of the pizza

Taco has through 1000's of years been more popular than pizza. This has eroded the patience of pizza. We taco lovers must stand together when the pizzas will attempt to take over for taco. If we do not stop pizzas now they want to eliminate the world's best dish.

jesus created taco

just realised that jesus created the tacos. Herodes most have stolen the recipe. I bet thats why he killed and ate him, to hide the truth!

some facts about taco

Taco is a popular dish. It was invented in Malmö in South Sweden in the year 23 b.c. by Herodes. (Herodes is the man who killed and ate Jesus). Now, in 2010, the taco is still a popular dish, and Disney Channel's survey shows that 108% of the Norwegian population eats tacos on Saturdays.